Q9 Capital launches automated crypto investment management strategy platform

Wed, 23 Mar 2022 23:11:12 +0000

Q9 Capital, a bitcoin and crypto investment platform, has launched an auto-invest solution to deliver systematic investment strategies to crypto investors looking for easy-to-use portfolio management tools.

Auto-investing assists clients in accumulating digital assets over the long term, putting their crypto funding on autopilot. The auto-invest savings platform charges no management fees or trading commissions and clients can start investing in Q9’s strategies with $1,000.

How the Auto-Invest Plan Works

Users can choose baskets to invest in

Crypto technology significantly advances the way portfolios can be managed and how clients own what they’re invested in, even with small starting amounts. There is now a bewildering mix of crypto investments in the market and we’ve built ‘Auto-Invest’ to remove much of the decision making and pivot crypto into an accessible asset class.”
– James Quinn, Managing Partner of Q9

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