Pegaxy Takes a Hard Line on Policy Violation

Thu, 24 Mar 2022 10:33:55 +0000

Pegaxy Policy Violation LWG NFT

Possibly the largest ‘scholarship’ operating in the Pegaxy ecosystem received a rude awakening this week. As a result, the Lone Wolf Guild (LWG), saw 1635 Pegas as well as 2.7 million $VIS ($17k) assets frozen indefinitely.

According to Pegaxy, they took the reluctant measures after LWG was deemed to have breached company guidelines. Throughout the guild’s Discord, the team found evidence that LWG frequently advised its members to create multiple accounts in order to maximize their returns. Therefore, Pegaxy found guild leader, TeeBee, in violation of its policies and banned its assets.

The move has sparked debate throughout the Twittersphere, with many believing the reaction a little harsh. However, LWG faced further criticism when it was revealed that they offered paltry rewards to members using its service. People operating through the guild only received between 1% and 5% of the generated income, while LWG regularly boasted its significant earnings.

Lone Wolf Guild represented one of the biggest guilds in the Pegaxy universe, often sitting atop the highest earners leaderboard. Now however, it is uncertain what Pegaxy, if anything, will do with the frozen assets. Regardless of what happens next, its is clear that Pegaxy will not tolerate this king of behaviour, even if this gaping loophole remains open to abuse.

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