Yoseo NFT Pawn Shop – A First of its Kind Metaverse Space

Thu, 31 Mar 2022 11:10:31 +0000

Decentraland Pawn Shop NFT

Introducing Yoseo Pawn Shop, the first NFT Pawn Shop to grace the metaverse. The project offers a refreshing alternative to the space through its mission to reward its community whilst simultaneously allowing them to enjoy its virtual Pawn Shop locations across Decentraland and The Sandbox. 

The project will release two types of NFTs with the intention of rewarding owners on a monthly basis. Let’s take a look at what collectors can expect.

The Gold and Silver Collections 

Yoseo Pawn Shop NFTs come in two collections, with both offering holders the chance to earn a passive income through their ownership. 

The first set is the Gold Collection, which consists of 1,000 NFTs created from over 200 traits. 10% of Pawn Shop’s monthly profits will be split between the NFT holders. The second category is the Silver Collection, which consists of 10,000 NFTs created from over 500 traits. 50% of the project’s monthly profits will be split between the collection’s 10,000 NFTs.

The remaining 40% of the profit allocation will be distributed to devs (10%), marketing and exposure initiatives (10%), and increasing the lending pool (20%). To maximise the success of the project going forwards, as well as the income generated for its community, these proportions are adjustable (in line with profit increases). This will help facilitate making investments in future metaverse expansions and increasing the lending pool. 

The project will also add extra rewards to those who purchase multiple Yoseo Pawn Shop NFTs, as those holding 5 Gold Collection NFTs and 5 Silver Collection NFTs will be granted access to the project’s inner circle of decision makers, as well as its whitelist.

The Drops

The mint for Gold Collection NFTs is already live, with each digital asset costing 0.1 ETH. 

On April 12th, the mint for Silver Collection NFTs will be launched, however only 9,500 will be on sale, as 500 will be reserved for those with pre-sale access, as well as for various giveaways.


As of April 2022, the project intends to buy ten 1 x 1 LANDs for Pawn Shops and Portals in Decentraland, as well as ten 1 x 1 LANDs for Pawn Shops and Portals in The Sandbox.

Stage 2, which takes place from April to September, will see the virtual construction of the Pawn Shops in Decentraland and The Sandbox. Other developments will also unfold, such as the building of a Pawn Shop website, as an alternative to the Decentraland and The Sandbox locations.

Throughout this time, the project also aims to purchase one LAND plot in Infinity Void, whilst also developing and expanding its plots of virtual land every month, in order to increase the income of the holders each month. 


The project’s doxxed team is comprised of five members; two coveted co-founders who run the show, a professional web designer and SDK specialist, a holistic community builder, and a social media specialist. 

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