Syntropy to provide blockchain-enabled networking to sports betting and gaming operator Entain

Thu, 31 Mar 2022 22:14:20 +0000

Syntropy, formerly known as NOIA Network, an open project providing decentralized and blockchain-based connectivity, today announced its first customer with Entain, a sports betting and gaming platform.

FTSE 100 company Entain is one of the world’s largest sports betting and gaming groups, operating both online and in the retail sector.

The technological solution from Syntropy helps Entain provide its customers the best online experience, improving network performance, security, and ease of use for its overall sports betting and web3 services.

Entain’s embrace of blockchain-enabled decentralized networking is a milestone as they transition to the emerging Web3 model that brings increased requirements for network performance.

NPOS Chain

Syntropy chain is being developed on Substrate framework with NPoS consensus model coming from Polkadot implementation.

An alternate connectivity system for the public internet, Syntropy solves the issues in the current internet framework: security, privacy, governance, performance, reliability, and ineffective resource utilization.

This enables a trustless, decentralized blockchain-based economy, secured through a staking mechanism that ensures fairness between those sharing and those using spare network bandwidth.

Programmable token supply and smart contracts allow for the introduction of incentive mechanisms, such as rewards for nodes participating in consensus as well as a reward redistribution pool for the network infrastructure nodes.

Source: Syntropy

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