PolyOne Launches with XO-Planet Collection and Global Art

Fri, 01 Apr 2022 12:07:31 +0000

PolyOne NFT Marketplace XO-Planet

As the solar system’s heavenly bodies continue their eternal dance with the stars, PolyOne celebrates its marketplace launch with an ode to the cosmos. It will bring together the vastness of space and the intricacies of elegant art, while taking the NFT marketplace to new heights as it seeks a global audience.

Arriving on the blockchain in a flurry of incredible images, PolyOne aims to take the art world by storm with high-quality content. Additionally, it will also provide an interface that allows creators the digital freedom to create NFTs with little effort.

Bringing humanity back to its roots, PolyOne recently held a spectacular demonstration event at the ‘Cradle of Civilization’ at Ebril, in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. Therein, showcasing the wonderful works of its many artists though an ethereal projection onto the walls of the citadel, and turning the ancient wonder into an art exhibition of incredible proportions, as it lit up the skyline in mesmerizing fashion.

XO-Planet NFTs

Underpinning the initial PolyOne launch, the XO-Planet NFTs represent the vastness of the known universe, the intricate beauty of fine art, and a whole lot more. Launching in three guises of 1,111 NFTs each, the 3D-rendered, animated designs feature the Sun, the Moon and the Earth in all of their celestial glory.

More than just a pretty picture however, each NFT includes a huge array of tantalising utility. As such, holders of the fantastic tokens will gain early access privileges and greenlist (whitelist) priority. There will also be free airdrops, access to a private Discord channel, redeemable physical items and exclusive access to real-world PolySpaces.

Furthermore, collecting one of each of the three available NFTs will unlock further bonus content and grant membership to the wider PolyOne metaverse. The entire collection will arrive in early April, so keep tabs on the PolyOne socials to get ahead of the competition.

Charitable Endeavours

In a turn of exceptional philanthropy, proceeds from the inaugural XO-Plante drop will benefit worthy causes. As a result, refugees resulting from the conflicts in Ukraine and Iraq will receive vital aid funded by the drop. Going forward however, PolyOne plans to add a huge variety of charitable foundations to its platform. Following which, creators can choose to donate funds to an organization close to their heart.

So, follow the PolyOne rocket ship as it heads off into the stratosphere, and looks to make NFT history.

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