DC Comics Launch Bat Cowl NFTs to Celebrate the Story of Batman

Sat, 02 Apr 2022 11:52:12 +0000

Batman DC Comics Cowl NFT

Warner Brother’s DC Comics is teaming up with Palm NFT Studio to launch a superhero NFT collection based on the 83 year history of Batman. The collection, which is dubbed the ‘Bat Cowl Collection,’ will consist of a 200,000 unique NFTs, each featuring a distinct identity and set of characteristics that reflect the diverse story of the superhero and his infamous mask. 

The Bat Cowl Collection will go on sale on April 26th, with holders of a DC FanDome NFT gaining access to its pre-sale. The 200,000 digital assets will be priced at $300 each, meaning if the collection sells out, the collaboration will rake in a healthy $60 million.

The NFTs will be unique 3D art renderings, where through a combination of components, materials, patterns, and colours, will each point to a certain stage in the evolution of Batman’s Cowl mask (with a total of over two billion combinations on offer).   

As laid out in the project’s two year roadmap, the NFTs will also be augmented with an array of other perks, such as granting access to a private DC Universe fan forum, the opportunity to purchase physical collectibles, choose fan events, attend augmented reality experiences, and more.

DC Comics also noted that the NFTs will be upgradable through making purchases, however, specific details on the dynamics of this are yet to be released.

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