Sipher to Launch Spacecraft for Non-Fungible Token Holders

Sun, 03 Apr 2022 11:08:19 +0000

Sipher Spacecraft NFT Launch

Upcoming psychedelic punk rock RPG, Sipher, is about to regale NFT holders with a selection of technicolour spacecraft. Launching an epic series of world traversing vehicular transport that will provide boosts and stat enhancements within the Sipherian universe.

Beginning at 12am UTC on April 4, owners can start assembling their fleet of incredible machines. Each week until May 22, NFT holders can claim one lootbox per qualifying NFT, containing all the components to build seven different spaceships. As such, each box contains two wings, a fuselage, weapons system and thrusters. However, certain crafts are restricted to owners of either the NEKO or INU NFT collections.

Each ship component comes in five degrees of scarcity, ranging from common to legendary, with an overall rarity score calculated by the combined sections of the vehicle. These rarity scores will then directly affect Sipher gameplay, providing additional inventory space, as well as enhanced player stats and additional boosts.

To minimize the gas fee requirement, all loot boxes, components and assembled ships will exist off chain in the Sipher registry, where owners can interact with, open and construct their required spaceships. However, in order to trade freely on the secondary market, owners can mint the items on the Polygon network as NFTs and convey true ownership.

To claim, head to the Sipher.xyz website, log in with Metamask, and hit the Sipher dashboard.

Learn more about Sipher Spaceships >> Here

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