GAMBL.io – new blockchain gaming ecosystem prepares for launch

Mon, 04 Apr 2022 21:15:34 +0000

GAMBL.io is a new blockchain gaming platform that utilizes decentralized technologies to create fresh opportunities in the gaming industry. The ecosystem features a sportsbook, betting exchange, casino, lottery, poker, outlets for operators, and more.

Increasing use of the system creates a deflationary economy due to the destruction of gaming profits. Operating as a provably fair, safe, and secure gaming platform, the open-source gaming network will initially reward users with the native GAMBL token.

GAMBL allows for guaranteed payouts, gives users complete control over their funds, and makes all betting data publicly available.

In its efforts to raise funds prior to bringing the platform to market, GAMBL is conducting pre-order sales for its native token sometime in Q2 2022.

More details on the platform and GAMBL tokenomics can be found here.

Source: gambl.io

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