Octogamex – The Limitless NFT Aggregating Marketplace

Tue, 05 Apr 2022 11:37:04 +0000

Octogamex Limitless Aggregating NFT Marketplace

Introducing Octogamex, a decentralised NFT platform exclusively built for in-game and metaverse assets. With an appreciation for the rapid growth and adoption of GameFi and general metaverse developments, Octogamex’s function is to serve as a uniting and aggregating platform which showcases diverse gaming NFTs minted on different blockchains.

Developed by ElephantsLab, a company specialising in launching blockchain projects, the platform does this through introducing a number of mechanical and community-building novelties to create a common multi-chain, smart contract-powered aftermarket platform for in-game assets, where its vast integration allows all NFT owners and traders to make exchanges with great ease and convenience. 

Marketplace Mechanics 

Octogamex have put together a diverse collection of systems which will be put in place in order to adhere to its mission of creating an aggregated platform for all things NFT.

There will be an NFT buying and selling feature that allows exchanges even if the assets were originally only sold for its native token, as well as an NFT trading mechanism that lets buyers propose offers in one or several NFTs, in exchange for an NFT they desire. This will also encompass cross-blockchain NFT Trading.

Other features include; an auctioning dynamic to add complete transparency and control to the decision making processes of buyers and sellers; an augmented trade-in function to allow trade offers that include NFTs and crypto; an NFT Bridge to allow owners of NFTs on particular blockchains the chance to claim ’synthetic’ doubles which will reside on a different blockchain; an NFT Lending feature for those wanting to take out loans using their digital assets as collateral; and more.

Community Building Program

The project also includes a community building program which takes place in its Discord server. Here, the distribution of OctoPoints, the program’s fundamental internal currency, will be determined through identifying which community members are most committed to the project. Eventually, such rewards will be converted into fiat currency rewards. 

With community values in mind, the partnerships and collection onboardings in which the platform makes, will be largely down to the preferences of its users. 


The Public Beta Test of Octogamex is in the final stages of development. Once the test is complete, the full launch of the platform will commence.

The Beta Test is divided into three rounds, and will include an array of contests for the project’s community. The top 50 performers in such contests will share a $5,000 prize, with the rest receiving OctoPoints rewards.

Other Initiatives

The project is also planning to distribute $300,000 in three parts to a pool of users, with such funds being raised through its marketplace fees (2.5% of the overall listing price).

A retroactive drop of tokens will also be budgeted into the platform’s tokenomics, which will then be distributed to the community.


Q1 of 2022 marks the launch of the Beta release, the platform’s launch on BSC, as well as the initiation of many of the market mechanics and community building programs listed above. 

As the project progresses throughout the year, more and more of such features will be developed and added, along with other blockchain integrations, a blog launch, language options, an NFT standard checker, an identity verification system, and more.

By the end of the year, all of the project’s vast tools of Web3 aggregation should be up and running.


Led by CEO and co-founder Oleksandr Bodnar, Octogamex is compiled of a doxxed team consisting of a CTO, CMO, project manager, automated testing engineer, front-end, back-end, and smart contract developers, and a web designer. Octogamex is a product of Elephantslab, and all members of the development team work in Elephantslab.

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