Metaplaces – Your Very Own NFT-Keyed Luxury Villa in the Metaverse

Fri, 08 Apr 2022 11:40:42 +0000

Metaplaces NFT Keyed Metaverse Mansion

Luxury virtual real estate, whether that be Snoops’ mansion in The Sandbox, Vice’s ‘Viceverse’ Hub in Decentraland, or the School of Data Science’s gallery in CryptoVoxels, have all proven to be key facets of community building within Web3. However, for the average user, getting your mitts on such complex and costly property comes with an array of hurdles.

This is where metaverse real estate moguls, Metaplaces, step in, as the project has devised a dynamic NFT concept that involves low barrier to entry ownership to some of the hottest properties in the virtual realm. The project essentially acts as the construction firm behind an array of ultra-modern virtual villas, with ownership of one of its NFTs acting as a virtual key to the properties.

Metaplaces Genesis Houses

Metaplaces Genesis Houses will be accessed through following a publicly available URL link embedded into the NFT. They will be customisable from top to bottom, with extravagant exterior themes such as a lunar glow or alien technology on offer, as well as interior elements such as decor colours and furniture, all featuring an abundance of options. The house’s interior will also have an interoperable feature that will allow you to display your other NFTs as framed pictures. 

As you probably guessed, the house’s public accessibility through its URL link also means that you can invite metaverse friends to come and soak up its virtual tranquility, where together, you will be able to stream music, watch TV, and generally enjoy each other’s fully-immersive virtual company. Alternatively, if you wish to chill out in peace, you can set your house’s URL accessibility to private. 

Just like high-end real estate does in real life, Metaplaces Genesis Houses will also be available for auctioning and trading on the project’s OpenSea integrated marketplace.



The project is currently in the stages of developing its many elements, including in-person avatars, as well as the multitude of customisable features of the house itself. 

Come the end of the calendar year, the project intends to switch its focus to the development of offices, shops and more, which will each be able to host sales and meetings. 

As we go into 2023, development for a passive income dynamic will commence, which will allow owners to rent out their property to those in need of a temporary virtual space. This will also go alongside the construction of a Metaplaces World, which will see Metaplace Houses coexist next to each other. 

The Team

The project’s team is composed of a team of successful entrepreneurs from digital realms such as tech startups, high-end marketing, and e-commerce. For now, team members have chosen to stay anonymous due to having other startups, as well as for security reasons.

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