Crypto exchange Solidbit upgrades its partner platform

Mon, 18 Apr 2022 18:18:32 +0000

Solidbit, a Seychelles-based crypto exchange, announced it has upgraded its IB partnership program area. The platform now includes more powerful features, improved design, and an enhanced user interface.

“Solidbit’s IB program is the result of the hard work of experienced developers. The updated section offers more features than the previous version and makes it easier for brokerage houses to manage their accounts and finances.”
– The Solidbit Team

Features of the new IB Portal

New Dashboard

The dashboard now features comprehensive metrics in one place, updated in real-time. With this, it is now easier to track acquisitions and trading activity and identify key traffic sources.

Banners and QR Codes

New functions in the promo section include a banner area and the ability to generate QR codes.

The banner area allows partners to choose from different banners, and the QR code feature allows users to scan a code instead of sending a link.

New Reports

Developers behind Solidbit have revamped the reports area to provide more detailed information while also making it easier to navigate.

Users can view summary information, view data for specific periods, and download reports.

These reports offer a fuller view of data and trends, allowing partners to make more informed decisions.

Benefits of the Solidbit partner program include:

Source: solidbit.io

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