Musess NFT – An Artistic Appreciation of the Female Body

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Musess is an artistic and storytelling NFT collection which celebrates the beauty of women 999 times. With the Armenian-born and Italian-residing artist Eva Adamian at its creative helm, the collection uses a combination of possible and impossible shapes to demonstrate the limitless artisan qualities of the female body, irrespective of size and shape.

The powerhouse behind the mass feminine celebration is aptly named Impssbl, a world class studio for creating decentralized autonomous stories for NFT projects that create a new generation of fiction led by communities.

Musess NFTs

The 999 piece Musess NFT collection fuses the magnificence of human beings with the wonders of modern technology, as 100 of the NFTs will be ‘Original,’ Adamian hand-draw pieces, whilst the remaining 899 will be sophisticated, AI-imagined parallels of the Originals. 

Although all of the NFTs will be centred around the wonders of the female body, both types of NFT will have a distinct appeal, as Adamian adopts a Monochrome (black and white) aesthetic for her hand-drawn Originals, whilst the AI-rendered parallels will sport a rich palette of colours and textures. 

Irrespective of its type, each Musess NFT will come with a unique story, with the stories of the Originals being written by a talented group of female writers, whilst the stories of the 899 parallels will be aptly constructed by AI.

To add an extra layer of exclusivity to the 100 Originals NFTs, each will also come with a physical canvas that has been hand-painted by Adamian from her Italian residence (which can be shipped worldwide), which will each count as its own NFT with unique QR code and story. 


The sale of Musess NFTs will be blind, meaning participants will have around a 1/10 chance of minting an Originals Musess NFT. The presale mint price will be 0.15 ETH, whilst the general sale mint price will be 0.18 ETH.

For now, the date of the mint is still TBA, so make sure to keep an eye on the project’s Twitter page for updates. 


The project’s roadmap offers ample opportunity for holders to receive free goods. When 25% of the collection is sold out, 25 Italian-grade journals will be airdropped to random holders, and when 50% is sold out, 10 AI-painted Impossible prints will be shipped to 10 lucky holders.

Once 75% of the collection is sold, Original Musses holders will be able to redeem their physical piece, whilst AI-made Musess holders will be able to purchase an ‘Impossible Print’. 75% will also mark the soft-cap to announce Season 2 of the project. 

When the collection is sold out, the project will hold a ‘Battle of the Musess’ competition which’ll see the 5 most upvoted Musess stories be turned into community co-owned graphic novels. It will also grant holders access to UNTLD.XYZ., a platform which creates plots through AI and then allows them to be minted as NFTs. Here, the IMPSSBL DAO will also be born, where community generated story creation will be made easy.


The team behind the project is the world class Web3 studio Impssbl, which is made up of an almost fully doxxed team; a founder, a co-founder, a creative director, community builder, and a partnership manager.

Check out Musess >> Website 

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