Notorious Tokers Cheech and Chong Descend on The Sandbox

Sun, 24 Apr 2022 11:28:02 +0000

Cheech and hong Sandbox NFT Voxel

It seems that smoking copious amounts of pot and roaming technicolour metaverses goes hand in hand. So, as if to reinforce this point, notorious and lifelong tokers, Cheech and Chong will soon descend in The Sandbox.

In true anarchic style, Cheech and Chong will bring their own chaotic brand of psychedelia right into the metaverse. Therein, creating an entire world based on their heady adventure, comical vehicles and outlandish form of charisma, and enable visitors to experience the comic duo’s grand way of life through their own eyes.

In the bespoke Cheech and Chong realm, visitors can expect carnage, free love and acceptance. All interspersed with a huge celebration to the almighty herb known for its hedonistic properties. Let us all hope however, that the grand plans don’t end ‘up in smoke’.

“The possibilities of what can be created virtually are endless and we’re very much looking forward to the trips we’ll be taking with our fans to our own dedicated LAND in The Sandbox.” Cheech Marin, Weed Advocate.

So, roll yourself a fatty, don the opulent headphones and plug in for a wild and psychedelic ride, coming soon to The Sandbox.

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