NFTs are more than just digital art, here’s why

Wed, 27 Apr 2022 19:32:00 +0000

So, you have heard about NFTs and how these “digital avatars” are printing money for their holders. In 2021, NFTs were so popular that the term was christened Word of The Year by a famed dictionary company. There is a social buzz around NFTs and probings as to whether they offer more than just being overpriced avatars, or come with no other utility behind the art, even with proof of ownership.

NFTs are more than just get-rich-quick-schemes or digital art you can right-click save on. Apart from representing art, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are unique digital assets that also represent ownership of other real-world items like video clips, music, and more recently, exclusive access to some of the finest establishments globally. The sheer potential of the NFT industry is mighty, and impressive when utility comes into play.

Even with the provision of royalty distribution for creators and all-access passes to events, permitting ownership and trading of in-game assets, and even fractionalizable assets like land, the NFT industry is still a germinal seed in the grand scheme of things. Who would have thought a string of code on the blockchain could uniquely render redeemable real-life utility and even access to lifetime memberships that are of immense benefit to the asset holders?

Nowadays we are seeing projects leverage this innovation to make NFT lovers go nuts. For example Drunken Monkey, are 9995 unique NFTs that not only give proof of ownership but allow entitlement to global concierge services that connect members to exclusive restaurants, night clubs, beach clubs, yacht chartering, and other exciting luxury services in real-life, not only in some faraway metaverse. Talk about utility!

Drunken Monkey has partnered with a host of global VIP service providers to give their members exclusive concierge services and privileges for holding the Drunken Monkey NFTs.  With a private sale that sold out in only 20 minutes, one Drunken Monkey unlocks a selection of desirable venues, exclusive sporting events and trendy restaurants across some of the greatest destinations, from London, Dubai, Las Vegas, Barcelona, Paris, Milan, Bali, Mykonos and New York with many more destinations added daily.

The difference between an NFT project with a credible team and real-world utility, and one with none is what allows Drunken Monkey to be so rewarding for its members. To take Drunken Monkey and its services to the next level, the team is launching an app with developments well underway.

NFT holders now are looking for more than just an aesthetically pleasing image or hype, consumers want to put a use to their investments which is why projects such as Drunken Monkey are changing the game.

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