How Crypto is Contributing to Environmental sustainability in Africa

Wed, 27 Apr 2022 11:27:58 +0000

Coming out of the COVID pandemic, sub-Saharan Africa is defying the odds with an explosive level of economic growth that has been unseen for decades. With more people moving about and more goods needing transportation, this growth is putting unprecedented strain on Africa’s logistics. As a result, parcel delivery and taxi driving entrepreneurship have become quite popular, their drivers being able to earn an above-average income. While this is fantastic for the economy, the local environment is suffering.

Most logistics entrepreneurs rely on old and cheap imported motorcycles with inefficient single-stroke engines. These engines are not equipped with modern emission-saving technologies, making them especially polluting and costly to fuel.

Bob Eco, a crypto-funded renewable energy and electric vehicle company, is trying to make a difference in Africa with its electric motorcycles. Specially designed for the challenges that drivers in developing countries face, these motorcycles are made with practicality in mind. And, featuring slick modern designs and bright orange paint, they are as stylish as they are useful.

A single flat fee covers an all-inclusive package for drivers – high-tech safety gear, road safety training, vehicle insurance, and family life insurance all come with a motorcycle lease. Drivers also gain free and unlimited access to Bob Eco’s vast network of battery swapping stations, where drivers can quickly and easily swap their batteries for freshly recharged ones. Thanks to this amazing benefit, Bob Eco drivers skip on refueling costs and nearly quadruple their take-home income on average.

As an easy choice for drivers, Bob Eco’s all-inclusive package has been a slam-dunk win since their first bike hit the road in 2020. To keep up with demand, founder Bob Ultee has been hard at work forming partnerships and finding ways to finance new facilities. Most excitingly, Bob Eco has struck a production deal with legendary motorcycle manufacturer Jincheng Suzuki. Jincheng Suzuki is currently producing over 300,000 units per annum for Bob Eco, and has been involved in the designs of Bob Eco’s most popular bikes, the Model E-AX100 and Model-X:

The Bob Eco Model E-AX100

Together, Bob Eco and Jincheng Suzuki reinvented the legendary 1984 Suzuki AX100, transforming this classic into a smart electric model that is specially designed for taxi and parcel delivery services in developing countries.

Though it is extremely affordable, the E-AX100 is virtually indestructible and reliable on tough terrain. Resembling a dirt bike, it is easy to ride where roads may be sparse or completely off-road travel is required. And, if it were ever to need maintenance, replacement parts for the E-AX100 can be found anywhere.

The Bob Eco Model-X

As an ultimate strategic motorcycle developed by Bob Eco and Jincheng Suzuki for emerging markets, the Model-X is a next-generation street model created with local land surveys in mind, incorporating design aspects that take into account the real-world traffic environments that drivers face on a day-to-day basis.

With an extended flat seat, a second pair of board-style footrests, a high-capacity rear carrier, and suspension capable of handling heavy loads, the Model-X is the perfect e-bike for transporting parcels or tandem riders. Though it is designed for utility, this e-bike is also a fun ride – at the heart of the Model-X is Bob Eco’s proven powertrain, which delivers a thrilling riding experience.

How Crypto Is Making Africa Greener

To finance its expansion throughout Africa, Bob Eco has begun the sale of BobCoin, a cryptocurrency token that is linked to all of Bob Eco’s assets: from its growing fleet of bikes to the thousands of entrepreneurships that have joined under its wings. Mirroring Bob Eco’s success in Africa, BobCoin is making big moves to the upside. Come April of 2022, BobCoin will be publicly available on primary market exchanges. Soon after, BobCoin utility tokens will be accepted for Bob Eco’s lease-to-own products.

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