Crypto platform FlashLoans launches new tool to execute arbitrage trades

Wed, 16 Mar 2022 19:17:42 +0000

Today, the team of DeFi platform FlashLoans, announced the launch of its new app that enables users without knowledge of Solidity to execute a flash loan and profit from arbitrage opportunities.

The DeFi tool aims to ensure market discrepancies and premiums paid for certain tokens on digital asset exchanges are eliminated.

FlashLoans has been designed so that anyone with a Web 3.0 wallet can connect to the platform and gain access to the liquidity needed to execute profitable arbitrage trades.

“All too often the DeFi sector has built products for engineers or technology specialists without taking into account the complexity of the user experience. FlashLoans aims to solve the real problem of exchange premiums and asset inequalities by providing the tools for anyone to engage with DeFi and execute arbitrage opportunities to create a fairer more level trading ecosystem.”
– David Pedrini, Founder, FlashLoans.com

FlashLoans App

Trades can be researched using the DeFi analytics tool featured on the website. Instead of researching individual exchange websites, members can view real-time aggregated data for trading opportunities.

Further, the app offers a variety of options to begin building a Flash loan-backed trade…
This includes liquidity suppliers, exchanges, and DeFi lending sites (for self-liquidating a loan position). Once configured, users can then select from a list of tokens that they wish to trade between.

Lastly, depending on their membership level, the community’s token holders are rewarded with reduced fees, access to arbitrage analytics, and insights accompanied by automated trading tools.

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