How to Earn Rewards in the Metaverse and Play-To-Earn Games Through Guzzler

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The cryptocurrency space has grown immensely throughout 2021. At the beginning of the year, NFTs were just a mere notion. However, as the year progressed, they picked up the pace. The OpenSea marketplace for NFTs saw vast volumes of over $3 billion as NFTs such as CryptoPunks and the Bored Ape Yacht Club sold for millions of dollars apiece. The Metaverse has also taken shape recently, as many giant corporations begin to be interested in this virtual world. There is a need for open-source NFTs that can be used in any Metaverse regardless of the chain. Guzzler is a project that has identified this niche and has rushed to fill this gap. This article will discuss the solutions that Guzzler is bringing to the metaverse and NFT spaces.

What Is Guzzler.IO?

Guzzler is a project that aims to build operable and customizable non-fungible tokens that will be able to operate across different open worlds or metaverses. This will save time, and it will save energy for these rapidly growing worlds. For instance, if you are an explorer of the metaverses and in need of transportation to tour the metaverses, Guzzler can help you have a custom NFT car to take you through the metaverses without needing to exchange or to buy new cars for every metaverse you join.

Guzzler.IO Roadmap

Guzzler project began in November of 2021 with a presale and a launch. The project has been listed on Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko. The project made a huge marketing push on the Twitch platform, which is mainly used by gamers. Phase one and phase two of the Guzzler project have been completed. By December 2021, the project had over 2000 token holders, and they introduced new racecourses and updates into the game. As of December 2021, Guzzler had over 50,000 players. Currently, the project is in phase three, where the developers aim to create an open world or a metaverse, a race track, and delve into Metaverse real estate. The development team also aims to create an in-game NFT marketplace for their cars and auto upgrades. One of the significant sell points of the Guzzler project is the cross-world integration where gamers and owners of car NFTs can use them in more than one metaverse. This will be a game-changer in the metaverse since Guzzler will be the engine for the car that the user will use across all the supported metaverses.

Guzzler.IO Tokenomics

The Guzzler project has a native token- the GZLR token. These tokens can be staked and allow users or holders to gain access to some of the performance auto parts. The native token of the Guzzler ecosystem is an ERC-20 token.

The tokenomics of the GZLR token are simple yet effective. Every transaction involving the GZLR token will be charged a 7% tax. 3% will go to marketing while 3% will go to liquidity pools. The other 1% will be added to reflections for the holders and hence with the GZLR token, holding is benefiting. Users will be able to stake GZLR tokens and earn rewards. These rewards will provide the holders with access to premium NFTs that the general public will not be able to access. These exclusive NFTs will be available to users who compete in the Guzzler games in single-player mode. Alternatively, users who have completed all levels while in single-player mode can sell their NFT car parts and upgrades on the Guzzler NFT marketplace to other players.

Team Behind Guzzler.IO

The team behind Guzzler is more than qualified for the job. Joey Poareo is the founder and the CEO of the project, and he has been working overtime on his philanthropic efforts to help orphans in homeless children.

Fury, who is the chief development officer, is a genius game developer and has extensive expertise in mobile game development and multi-player implementation. He also has experience with smart contracts and blockchain technology and will be a great help to the project. GZLR Token has a maximum supply of 100 billion tokens. The liquidity is locked, and there is a 7% tax.

The Guzzler community can be found on most social media platforms on the internet, including Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, and even Medium. On November 17, 2021, the Guzzler platform was approved to use the KYC identity verification process. This means that your credentials and personal details are safe with the Guzzler team. If you would like to buy some tokens to participate in this exciting ecosystem, you can get the tokens on Uniswap and LBank. The bottom line of the Guzzler ecosystem is to play games, stake tokens, and earn profits. The more you stake, the more parts and upgrades you have. You can sell these performance packs for a lucrative profit on the Guzzler in-game NFT marketplace.


Guzzler is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make handsome profits and to enjoy yourself while in the process. Apart from this, the prospect of using one of NFT across multiple metaverses is exciting. As web 3.0 is developing, projects such as Guzzler need to begin making progress as we prepare for the new generation of internet and immersive social interaction through the Metaverse.

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